The Jewish Learning Network, was started in November, 2005 to fill the need for a more personal, fulfilling and convenient way for Jews to connect to their heritage.

JNet provides business people, students and homemakers the opportunity to take some time out of their busy work week - whether at the office at home or even on the go - to study Torah, from the weekly Parsha to the technical intricacies of Jewish Law, the stimulating logical analysis of the Talmud to the spirituality and meaning of Chassidus and the Kabbalah. Whatever the topic, studying one on one with one of our volunteers is bound to bring some Jewish spirit into your life.

For our volunteers JNet brings you the opportunity to bring the warmth of Torah and Judaism to people whose situations restrict them from acquiring it other ways. The relationship you build can affect people’s lives positively in the way we were educated by the Rebbe "If you know Aleph teach Aleph". All we ask is for half an hour a week, an experience that will leave you feeling fulfilled and wanting to spend even more time with your study partner.

The process is simple. After you apply you will be called for a brief phone interview to ascertain the specifics of your learning background, availability and study topics. The time between this and finding a study partner is typically one to two weeks. Once you start studying we call every now and then to see how things are going. You can always contact us for assistance in anything that comes up.

JNet is a non-profit organization and relies on donations from members and sponsors to make the service available to everyone for no fee.

JNet is located at
770 Eastern Parkway Suite 302
Brooklyn, NY 11213
347-770-JNet (5638) 

JNet was made possible due to a generous grant from the Rohr Foundation.

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(347) 770-5638 |  info@JNet.org

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Jnet is made possible through a generous grant from The Rohr Foundation

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