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The Jewish Learning Network was established in 2006 to fulfill the Lubavitcher Rebbe's instruction to encourage all Jews to set fixed times for Torah study.

“One should strive as much as possible, and more, to influence every single Jew, regardless of his location or circumstances, to designate a set time for Torah study. When one encounters a Jew in the street, one should ask him if he has already set a time for Torah study. If he has, one should influence him to increase further—ideally, by influencing him to become a teacher himself.” - The Rebbe

(Hisva’aduyos 5745, Vol. 1, pp. 461-2)

We provide business people, students and homemakers with the opportunity to take some time out of their busy work week - whether at the office at home or even on the go - to study Torah. From the weekly Parsha to the technical intricacies of Jewish Law, the stimulating logical analysis of the Talmud to the spirituality and meaning of Chassidus and the Kabbalah.

Our volunteers embrace the opportunity to bring the warmth of Torah and Judaism to people whose situations restrict them from acquiring it other ways. The relationship they build can affect people’s lives positively for many years, adopting the guidance of the Rebbe that even someone who knows very little, should share that with one who knows less than them. In just half an hour a week, a volunteer gains an experience that leaves them feeling fulfilled and wanting to spend even more time with their study partner.

To become a student one applies online and is then called for a brief interview to help identify the right match. Typically within one to two weeks we then pair the student up with a study partner. Once they start studying we will reach out every now and then to see how things are going. We are always available for assistance if anything comes up.

The Jewish Learning Network is a non-profit organization and relies on donations to make the service available to everyone for free.

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