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Here is a list of courses available to study with your study partner. Please email to request the course you wish to study.

Between Man & His Fellow

  • Can You Ever Tell A Lie?
  • Controlling Anger
  • Hospitality to Guests
  • Love Your Neighbor
  • Taming the Inner Critic: Transforming Attitudes by Judging Favorably
  • The Stunning Power of Speech I: The Cosmic and Spiritual Dynamics of Speech
  • The Stunning Power of Speech II: Lashon Hara – Destructive Speech
  • The Stunning Power of Speech III: Reclaiming the Air Waves
  • Visiting the Sick

Contemporary Issues

  • Climbing a Stairway to Heaven A New Take on Music, Song, and Judaism
  • Jewish Perspectives on Health, Nutrition, Fitness and Extreme Sports

Core Beliefs

  • Belief in God: Is There a Mitzvah to Believe?
  • Developing and Strengthening Belief in God I: First Cause and Design (Teleological) Arguments
  • Developing and Strengthening Belief in God II: The Moral Argument and Deciding Whether or not to Believe
  • Evidence for Torah M’Sinai I: Historical Approaches for Providing Evidence for National Revelation
  • Evidence for Torah M’Sinai II: Witnesses, Prophecy, Jewish Survival, Mitzvot, Torah Scrolls
  • Honoring Parents
  • Taking Responsibility (Sechar V’Onesh)
  • Teshuvah I: Introspection and Growth or the Confession Box?
  • Teshuvah II: The Journey Back
  • The Chosen People
  • The Jewish Understanding of God
  • The Miracle of Jewish Survival – The Eternal Jewish People
  • Torah Study: The Foundation of Jewish Life
  • Toward Understanding Suffering & Adversity

Dating, Relationships, Love and Marriage

  • Dating Jewish Style – The Search for a Soul Mate
  • The Jewish Concept of Love
  • The Jewish View of Marriage – Marrying Your Ezer Knegdo – Soul Mate
  • The Philosophy of Taharat Hamishpachah & Mikvah – The Hidden Mitzvot of Love, Joy and Renewal

Ecology and The Environment

  • The Jewish View of Ecology and the Environment


  • Euthanasia and Patient Autonomy
  • Jewish Business Ethics I
  • Jewish Business Ethics II
  • The Jewish Approach to Abortion

Finding Your Soulmate

  • Am I Ready To Find My Soul Mate? Part I – Discovering Your Infinite Self
  • Am I Ready To Find My Soul Mate? Part II – Gratifying Your Deepest Desires
  • Am I Ready To Find My Soul Mate? Part III – The Search for Eternal Love
  • Am I Ready To Find My Soul Mate? Part IV – What’s the Jewish Connection?
  • Issues in Intermarriage – A Discussion Primer


  • The Holocaust & Jewish Faith I – Where Was God?
  • The Holocaust & Jewish Faith II – Faith Amidst The Unfathomable
  • Understanding the History of the Holocaust – Timeline
  • Understanding the History of the Holocaust I
  • Understanding the History of the Holocaust II


  • The Centrality of the Land of Israel

Jewish Calendar

  • Chanukah I: Illuminating an Eternal Conflict
  • Chanukah II: The Chanukah Miracles – How They Were Triggered and What They Teach
  • Chanukah III: It’s All Up to Us – Spreading the Light
  • Introduction to the Jewish Calendar: Holiness in Time
  • Pesach I: Slavery and the Pesach Miracles
  • Pesach II: Nationhood, Providence & Freedom
  • Purim I: Purim Unmasked – Understanding the Eternal Festival
  • Purim II: The Mitzvot of the Day
  • Rosh HaShanah I: Meeting Our “Author”
  • Rosh HaShanah II: The Big Bang and Me
  • Rosh HaShanah III: Simanim & Tashlich – Serious Excitement
  • Sefirat Ha’Omer I: Making it Count
  • Sefirat Ha’Omer II: Lag B’Omer and Striving for Spiritual Perfection
  • Shabbat I: Plugging into the Goals of Life
  • Shabbat II: The Shabbat Experience
  • Shavuot I: What Does Shavuot Commemorate? & The Eternal Impact of Ma’amad Har Sinai
  • Shavuot II: The Ten Commandments, Preparing for Shavuot, Megillat Ruth & Shavuot Customs
  • Sukkot I: The Sukkot Festival, the Sukkah, and the Four Species
  • Sukkot II: The Week of Joy that Keeps us Dancing the Entire Year
  • Sukkot III: Hoshana Rabbah, Shemini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah
  • The Passover Seder Experience Handbook
  • The Three Weeks and Tishah B’Av I: Exile & Destruction
  • The Three Weeks and Tishah B’Av II: Why the Temple was Destroyed & How to Rebuild It
  • Tu B’Shvat: When a Tree is No Longer Just a Tree
  • Yom Kippur: Actualizing Our Mission in Life

Jewish Leadership

  • Avraham Avinu: The Great Progenitor
  • Jewish Leadership I: What is Jewish Leadership and What Characterizes a Leader?
  • Jewish Leadership II: More Leadership Qualities, Practical Skills, and Becoming a Leader

Jewish Life Cycle

  • Bar & Bat Mitzvah: The Transformational Birthday Party for the Soul
  • Brit Milah
  • Celebrating a Jewish Wedding I
  • Celebrating a Jewish Wedding II
  • Jewish Perspectives on Death, Burial, and Mourning


  • Unraveling the Mitzvah of Tzitzit and Tallit
  • Mezuzah
  • Tefillin
  • The Concept and Practice of Berachot
  • The Mitzvot: Why They are Detailed
  • Why Keep Kosher?

Money and Possessions

  • The Power of Tzedakah

Personal Growth and Development

  • The Yid and the Id: Jewish Perspectives on Psychology & Personal Development
  • Defining One’s Role in Life: Achieving Greatness
  • Judaism and Personal Growth I: Scaling the Internal Alps
  • Judaism and Personal Growth II: Making it Happen
  • The Jewish Vision of Happiness
  • Too Big for Your Boots: Balancing Arrogance, Self-Esteem and Humility


  • Overview of the Amidah I: History, Structure, and Purpose
  • Overview of the Amidah II: The Way to Pray – In Thought and Action
  • The Beit Knesset
  • The Jewish View of Prayer
  • The Shema – Part I: The Jewish National Anthem
  • The Shema – Part II: Say It Like You Really Mean It

Purpose of Man in The World

  • Being Like God
  • Caring for the Jewish Soul
  • Free Will I: The Nature, Importance & Dynamics of Free Will
  • Free Will II: Is There Free Will in Light of God’s Omnipotence & Omniscience?
  • Hashgachah Pratit I – The Nature and Dynamics of Divine Providence
  • Hashgachah Pratit II – Perceiving God in Our Lives
  • Introduction to the Purpose of Man in the World
  • Making Impressions for Stardom or Infamy: Kiddush Hashem & Chillul Hashem
  • The World Was Established for Chesed
  • What is Judaism? An Introduction to a Journey of Self-Discovery

Spirituality and Kabbalah

  • Introduction to Messiah and The World to Come
  • Kabbalah – Jewish Mysticism I: What is Kabbalah and The Prerequisites for its Study
  • Kabbalah – Jewish Mysticism II: Principles of Jewish Mysticism: Hishtalshelut
  • Kabbalah – Jewish Mysticism III: Kabbalistic Explanations of the Torah, Mitzvot, and Reincarnation
  • Prophets and Prophecy I: What is Prophecy, its Importance, and Who Qualifies to be a Prophet?
  • Prophets and Prophecy II: Limits of Authority, Examples of Prophecy, and Prophecy Today
  • Reincarnation
  • The Jewish Vision of Spirituality I: The Quest for an Authentic Spiritual Connection
  • The Jewish Vision of Spirituality II: The Spiritual Expression of Mankind
  • The Jewish Vision of Spirituality III: Connecting to Spirituality in Time
  • The Jewish Vision of Spirituality IV: Spirituality in Space & Beyond
  • The Messiah I: The Concept of the Messiah, His Necessity, and Qualifications
  • The Messiah II: The Nature of the Messianic Era
  • The World to Come I: What in the World is the World to Come?
  • The World to Come II: How Can I Secure a Front Row Ticket?
  • The World to Come III: The New You! Resurrection of the Dead

Temple and Sacrifices

  • Close Encounters of the Transcendent Kind: The Temple and the Sacrifices

The System of Halacha – Jewish Law

  • Introduction to the System of Halachah – Jewish Law
  • The System of Halachah I – The Revelation of the Torah
  • The System of Halachah II – The Written Torah, the Oral Torah, and their Interrelationship
  • The System of Halachah III – The Contents of the Oral Law
  • The System of Halachah IV – Necessity, Advantages and Accuracy of the Oral Torahah
  • The System of Halachah V – The Chain of Torah Transmission
  • The System of Halachah VI – Rabbinic Authority
  • The System of Halachah VII – The Concept and Dynamics of Machloket – Dispute
  • The System of Halachah VIII -The Halachic Process and Codification of Jewish Law
  • System of Halachah Schematic

Understanding Anti-Semitism

  • Anti-Semitism I: The Striking Constancy and Uniqueness of Anti-Semitism
  • Anti-Semitism II: Proposed Theories for Anti-Semitism
  • Anti-Semitism III: The Root Causes of Anti-Semitism & Can It Be Eradicated? 
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