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Chanel Lallouz.jpgName: Chanel Lallouz

Age: 23

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Occupation: Artist / Writer

Interesting hobby: I have been involved in Theater and Film productions. I sing. I've painted since I was eleven years of age, and have donated my works to various charities to raise money. In addition, I have written several manuscripts; novels and short stories, as well as screenplay treatments.

I've been learning with JNet since: 2014

I heard about JNet via: I heard about JNet from my younger brother; he had a JNet chavruta with whom he used to study once a week. After completing two wonderful years of study at Mayanot Women's Learning Institute in Jerusalem, I wasn't about to allow my learning to lapse. Education doesn't simply come to an end — it's a continuous process that we embark upon as part of our personal growth. I signed up with JNet in order to hold on to my enthusiasm for learning; I knew how easy it could be to get caught up in other things. I was on a mission, and wasn't about to let that happen. I made time for Torah learning because it meant a great deal to me then, just as it does now. True knowledge is when we are able to internalize and implement it into our lives; when we share that with others we are giving a gift that can transform their lives.

I am currently learning: We are currently learning and reviewing Sefer Tanya, Chassidut, as well as learning the Hayom Yoms of the day. We are enjoying marvelous discourses, philosophizing about Judaism and life, and at any time our learning breaks out into our own 'little farbrengens'.

An interesting experience I had with JNet: My JNet experience has brought me the insight that one doesn't have to be the most learned Torah scholar, or even the greatest poet that ever lived in order to inspire another. I admire my chavruta, Devorie Blasberg, not because she proclaims to have all the answers, but rather because she, too, is a student of life, trying to find the answers or, perhaps, the right questions. She is open and wants to hear my perspective on a variety of subjects and she tries to see the good in every situation. JNet chavruta learning provides an opportunity to reveal our greatest potential, for when we learn together we have the possibility to discover the spark of personal greatness in one another.

Heartwarming surprises with JNet: The most heart-warming surprise I ever had with JNet happened after my grandmother (Faige bat Yehuda HaLevi z"l) passed away. My lovely and incomparable chavruta, Devorie Blasberg, took a special grief class at the time so that she could better empathize with me in my time of grief. Devorie also dedicated our learning to my grandmother's memory. I was so touched that Devorie would go out of her way not only to offer her condolences, but to actually trouble to study a subject as difficult as grief, just so I wouldn't feel alone in my suffering. This taught me that people can surprise you in the most wonderful ways, a feeling I will never forget. It also demonstrates the blessing JNet has afforded me; for not only has JNet allowed me to continue learning, it has enabled me to have a relationship with a person as wonderful as Devorie.

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