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JNet Monthly Newsletter Vol. 3 Issue 2 - CHESHVAN 5777
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This month's learning is dedicated
 לע"נ הרב שלום דובער שו"ב ומוהל בן הרב יעקב יוסף שו"ב ומוהל נלב"ע ח"י חשון תשע"ג, ע"י משפחתו

Passing of the Matriarch Rachel

Great Flood Began

Birthday of
Rabbi Sholom DovBer of Lubavitch
Chavrusa Mushkie Kudan and Ahava Van Camp

“[My Chavrusa] has gone above and beyond, and I'm excited to know him and study with him. We average about 1/2 month [of learning] due to my hectic schedule.”
- A.C. Oroville, CA

Chai Kohan - JNet Spanish Coordinator
Zalmy Goldberg 
Mendy Karp 
Eli Nochum Baron
Chaya Mushka Gershon
Yisroel Backman 

Chaya Mushka Raichik
Zalmy Margolin 
Zalmy and Rochel Ceitlin 
Shlomie Litvin
Mordy Feiner

Nissem ben Chaya
Avraham Yitzchok ben Masha
David HaLevi ben Leah
Eliyahu Yakov ben Itta Leah
Yisroel ben Rosa
Yosef Yitzchak ben Bracha
Chana bas Chava
Chaya Masya bas Tova
Leah bas Sara
Ruchama Leah Faiga Susya bas Chava Breindel
Simcha bas Tova
This year's learning on JNet
is dedicated in memory of
R' Shmuel (Sami) ben Yehoshua Eliyohu Rohr A"H

Dear Friend,
Wow! What an intense month of holidays it has been!
From blowing a rams horn to eating a fish head, to wearing a suit, sneakers and all white, and fasting all day to eating in a hut sometimes in the cold and/or rain and shaking a mini garden, to smacking willows to dancing in circles, some of our practices can seem a little strange, yet each one is part of a bigger picture that sets the tone for the new year and prepares us to actually bring down G-dliness and spirituality into what we consider our normal, regular lives.
That is what the month of Cheshvan, which has no holidays, represents. Taking the "out of this world" energy and channeling it into our day to day lives.
It’s also a great time to make goals for the learning we want to accomplish this year with your study partner and get back into a regular schedule.
Wishing you much success in making this "regular" world spiritual!

Rabbi Yehuda Dukes


How I Overcame a Childhood of Bland Judaism
By Beryl Tritel
Growing up, I was used to sitting at home on Dec. 25, watching movies and feeling lonely because everyone I knew was celebrating with their family. I was used to Easter, hearing my friends talk about their new dresses and the Easter-egg hunts. Now, I knew that Chanukah and Passover fell out around those times, but these holidays were nothing more than a blip on my radar. Our definition of being Jewish just meant that we weren’t anything else.
In my neighborhood, there weren’t ...

The Last Jew
Based on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Courtesy of

On the seventh day of Cheshvan, fifteen days after the conclusion of the festival [of Sukkot, the Jews of the Holy Land] begin to pray for rain. This is to allow the very last Jew to reach the Euphrates River. (Talmud, Taanit 10a)
In many chassidic communities, it was the custom that at the conclusion of the Tishrei festival season, the gabbai of the synagogue would ascend to the podium, pound on the table and, citing Genesis 32:2, announce: “And Jacob went on his way!”

NAME: Paul Burnstein 
OCCUPATION: State government worker
A little bit about myself:
I am a 65 year old. I come from a religious family, and I have been married for the past 32 years. I am the only active Jew in my city.
Eight years ago I discovered that a Chabad had moved about 20 minutes from my house and my life has changed completely. First and foremost, I am getting the Jewish education I neglected years ago.
I heard about JNet via:
I saw an advertisement at my local Chabad and it interested me. Then, when I was in the hospital in May, a different Rabbi pushed it through.
How JNet impacted your life:
First weekly Torah classes and then through JNET I get an opportunity to learn Tehillim with an incredible teacher who not only is helping me find the essence but also work on my Hebrew reading. 
The sentiment that I want to highlight is that this program is ideal for the Jewish person who has interest in learning regardless of their skill level. 
Heartwarming surprises with JNet:  
My wife and I have had several health issues and I had been told the study of psalms may help so this is good. I have a class during my lunch hour which elevates me and potentially the people I come in contact with.
What are you currently learning: Tehillim in depth
This month's learning is dedicated
 לע"נ הרב שלום דובער שו"ב ומוהל בן הרב יעקב יוסף שו"ב ומוהל נלב"ע ח"י חשון תשע"ג, ע"י משפחתו
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