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Read it In Hebrew Curriculum



Q: Do I need to do homework or is it just the course?

A: To be succesful with this course  it requires ten minutes of practice a day.

Q: Can I get the discount if I don’t have a study partner?

A: The discount is available for JNet members and active study pairs only.

Q: When I complete the course Is it a guarantee that I will be able to learn Hebrew?

A: If you put in the time to practice then yes, we guarantee it

Do you have any more questions? Send as an email at

Here is some more information about the course.

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, only half of American Jews (52%) can read Hebrew. To fill this gap in Jewish education, Read it in Hebrew was created, an innovative Hebrew reading course that is sweeping the Jewish world. With interactive flashcards and its own app for remote learning, Read it in Hebrew utilizes the latest technology to combine timeless
learning methods with contemporary psychology for a course guaranteed to be effective in only five sessions.

Read it in Hebrew has been taught at over 600 locations across North America, enabling over 17,000 people to read Hebrew.
Read it in Hebrew appeals to people at all levels of Jewish education, including those without any prior experience in Jewish learning as well as those for whom it is a fun refresher course. With flashcards depicting the letters alongside catchy mnemonics, Read it in Hebrew feels like a game of
concentration and promises great results.

Note to Teachers: Read It in Hebrew is a five-part Hebrew-reading course based on the hora'os of our Rebbe'im. The course utilizes the traditional mesorah method of kriyah, which places an emphasis on learning the names of the letters and vowels (not just their sounds), as well as clever mnemonics to make it easier for students to commit the sounds and shapes of the letters to memory. It also incorporates "Sparks of Light" to introduce the spiritual meaning of each letter based on the teachings of Chasidus. 

Did you always want to learn how to read Hebrew?
Do you come to services and feel like the words look Chinese?
Do you not go to services because you don't read Hebrew but wish you did?
Do you wish you can read the Kiddush prayer at home or the Kaddish prayer for a loved one?
Do you read Hebrew but wish you can take a refresher course?
Do you wish that in less than 5 weeks you can learn to read the ancient text of our people?

In just five weeks you can read Hebrew like a pro by purchasing this course to study with your study partner.
60-minute class for the next 5 weeks (or 30 minutes for 10 weeks) and commit to practicing 10 minutes a day.
(This program is proven to work if 10 minutes a day is taken to practice)

Purchase Required. Special discount rate for JNet Members.

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