Official homepage for worldwide Chabad-Lubavitch movement that promotes Judaism and provides daily Torah lectures and Jewish insights.

Their learning and values page can be accessed here.

Video lectures, lessons and presentations by world-class Torah scholars and experts in their fields.

SoulWords is a video site featuring classes and lectures from Rabbi Shais Taub on a variety of Jewish subjects meant to educate and inspire.

The largest, kosher, kabbalah-in-English website on the web

World-renowned author, counselor, lecturer and philosopher, Rabbi Manis Friedman combines ancient Torah wisdom with modern wit to captivate audiences around the world. Youtube link.

The Meaningful Life Center is a spiritual wellness center, empowering you to discover your unique voice and find meaning in everything you do. Youtube link.

Provides a rich and stimulating learning experience for individuals who find learning in English more natural but at the same time would like to retain the authentic learning style.

Mayanot is a revolutionary journey of self discovery, located in the heart of Jerusalem. Providing a highly academic Judaic Studies program taught by dynamic staff in a welcoming atmosphere, Mayanot's unique curriculum encompasses both the intellectual & inner spiritual dimensions of Torah study.

Chayenu is a weekly Torah magazine for the English speaking community.

Experience Jewish Learning Like Never Before JLI makes jewish learning accessible & personally meaningful to every jew, regardless of background or affiliation.

A site dedicated to the Rebbe’s teachings to humanity. Many of his teachings, stories as well as multimedia are available here. Youtube link.

Rabbi YY Jacobson gives classes and lectures on a wide range of topics. He is one of the most sought after speakers in the jewish world. Youtube link.

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